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Viking Strength Systems have definitely given me more than programming and coaching. They have changed my attitude and made me more committed. Whenever you work with someone their passion transfers over to you, and their love of training became mine. That's what makes VSS great coaches.

Vlad Kluev, University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club

A true, effective, strength and conditioning coach must have certain traits which allows athletes to trust, buy in, and give everything they have to their training to achieve their goals. Viking Strength Systems incorporates all of these desired characteristics into one package.

Matt Vonk, University of Waterloo

I have to thank Viking Strength Systems for their strength and conditioning program and it’s ability to maintain my fitness levels since Dragon Boat Nationals in Victoria. The creative use of unconventional training methods in a balanced program made my experience not only consist of huge personal records while maintaining flexibility, but also strengthened my weaknesses, improved my technique and increased my training capacity.

Aaron Choi, University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club