25 Facts About Lats You Don’t Know About

Let’s be honest with each other, you don’t know anything about your back, let alone your lats. But that’s okay, because to help you out we’ve compiled 25 Facts About Lats that I bet you’ve never even knew existed.

Get your pen and notebook. Let’s get started.

25 Facts About Lats

1. Lats are short for Latissimus Dorsi, not lateral. Mind blown.

2. Latissimus Dorsi stands for broadest back. Baby don’t got back until she got lats.

3. Lats have the ability to reduce waist size – in an illusory type fashion.

4. Lats can give you wings red bull never could.

5. Lats are the only muscle which has connections in both the upper and lower body.


“Latissimus Dorsi” – aka Lats

6. Lats save lives. And backs.

7. ILS stands for Imaginary Lat Syndrome – yes it is real; just check out the Arnolds or any commercial gym for that matter.

8. If Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline could create a super human the only muscle it would need would be lats. And maybe glutes. Maybe.

9. Lats should replace bench day on Monday – Monday is now national lat day.

10. Lats and the thoracolumbar fascia create join forces to create natures back belt.

11. If your lats are large enough, you can jump from tree to tree gliding through the sky like a flying squirrel.

12. Lats are so important you were blessed not only one, but two.

13. If you want big lats, exercises like deadlifts, chin-ups and rows should be your staple.

14. A rear lat spread on a windy day is the closest man will come to flying unassisted.


“Rad lat spread, prepare for takeoff!”

15. Batman actually glides through Gotham city on his lats, not his bat cape. We were lied to.

16. According to Wikipedia “… heart patients with low cardiac output may go through a procedure called cardiomyoplasty. This procedure involves wrapping the latissimus dorsi muscles around the heart and electrostimulating them in synchrony with the heart beat.” Aka lats take on the role of heart. Still saving lives.

17. If lats aren’t a mirror muscle, you don’t train them enough.

18. Lats are like the incredible hulk – when they’re under control they can hoist the world but when you let them go bat shit crazy and get wound so tight you can’t extend your arm, shoulder pain will rear its ugly head. Show em some TLC and stick a lacrosse ball in there.


“Hulk smash! All Lats, baby”

19. Lats are the only muscle you may call “functional”.

20. Lats originate at the spine, thoracolumbar fascia (lower back), hips and ribs. They insert into the upper arm. Aint no muscle touching a greater span of your body than that.

21. It’s scientifically proven that for every gram of protein you ingest, 95% of that goes towards your lats despite you training chest every day.

22. Lats are the survivalist’s muscle – they help you climb, paddle, chop and swim. They also help with wrestling grizzly bears.

23. Your bench doesn’t matter if you can’t perform a chinup. Moar lats please.

24. Lat day may also be referred to as “Back Attack”, “Extra Wide Day” or “Wingspan Day”.

25. Lats are not an option, therefore train them you must.


Photo Sources: arnoldlatsspreadhulk

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