About Viking Strength Systems:

At VSS, we believe in becoming better.

We believe in the intelligent and enjoyable pursuit of fitness and athletic performance.

It goes beyond that, though. Viking Strength Systems doesn’t just help people get stronger, look great and become unstoppable athletes. Fitness and performance can become your passion, like it is ours, but for others it’s a means to an end.

A way to enhance your body, your sport and your well-being.

A way to change how you feel about yourself.

A way to overcome challenges you thought you couldn’t.

A way to develop the strength and indomitable will of a Viking to accomplish a goal that is important to you so that you can be happy and living a better life.

This is why we created VSS – to help people become Vikings so they can conquer their goals, become the leaders of their lives and rule the high seas.

Viking Strength Systems is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to my health and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them to someone who has fitness goals they need help achieving.

Mariam Abdelkhalek, University of Waterloo

Viking Strength Systems is Benjamin Pickard and Kory Allen, and we are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, hold Bachelors of Science, Honours Kinesiology Co-op, from the University of Waterloo and are the leaders of the Viking Empire. With over a decade experience coaching everyone from athletes to average-joes, we help people lose fat, improve performance and accomplish what they previously thought was impossible.

Our mission is to educate and empower people by improving their lives through fitness and athletic performance. We believe this should be enjoyable, accessible and above all effective, and those beliefs drive everything we do.

Through coaching services, we get people the results they want while still enjoying the journey. We help people become Vikings and live better lives.

I attended the VSS Workshop at Afterburn Fitness and it was great! It was a new way of training for me and I can’t wait to get myself ready for this year’s Dragon Boat season. Ben and Kory are both great! You can sign me up now…I am ready to get to my best level of fitness. So bring it on, I am ready for VSS!!

Helen Donches, CN Dragon Boat

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Formally referred to as the Dean of Squats, Kory Allen, B.Sc. (Hon) Kin, CSCS, coaches athletes from a myriad of sports at the Varsity level and trains the next generation of aspiring strength coaches to unlock their full potential. He has also helped prepare fitness and beauty pageant competitors reach their physique goals so when they step on stage they look and feel their absolute best.

Kory has played just about every sport under the sun and naturally gravitated towards anything athletic. After discovering the weight room at 16, he would often skip class to go to the gym on the quest for bigger muscles and superhero performance. Now he takes his passion for training and fitness to help others find their superhero (or Viking) within.

Kory is a laid back, simple soul with a love for squatting heavy things and eating copious amounts barbequed meat. When he’s not coaching or eating delicious food, he can be found voyaging around the globe and reading books. You can contact him at [email protected] or on Facebook.


Benjamin Pickard, B.Sc. (Hon) Kin, CSCS, has worked with athletes ranging from youth to varsity to professional level in a number of sports, but also helps everyday people enhance their bodies and lives through fitness. Whether his clients want to build a better body, look good naked, or stand atop the podium, he helps them all on their quest for excellence.

After discovering training and nutrition as a teenager, he undertook a degree to learn how he could use his passion to help others. As strength coach for varsity athletes, research assistant in the Spine Biomechanics Lab and founder of the strength and conditioning club during his undergrad, he experienced the full spectrum of how training and fitness can change people’s lives. He’s now using his education, experience and passion to create an Empire of people who want to become Vikings and live better lives.

Benjamin loves lifting heavy things, a hot coffee on a cool spring morning, and food that’s blessed by the tender kiss of a flaming grill. He’s usually coaching, training or playing with his son, but can also be found reading or relaxing with a great movie. You can contact him at [email protected] or on Facebook.

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