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I had been experiencing severe back pain that prevented me from performing most of the exercises in our team program. VSS took the time to devise a unique program that worked around my limitations but still challenged me. Now, thanks to Viking Strength Systems, I can train and practice virtually pain-free.

Shannon Lodoen, University of Waterloo

In the Ultimate Warm-Up Guide you will learn:

 1. How to use proper stability, mobility and nervous system preparation to maximize your workouts and improve your performance


 2. How to minimize injuries - especially low back and shoulders - so you don’t have to take time off or avoid certain exercises


 3. How to implement your individualized warm-up so you feel amazing for every practice and training session

I have to thank Viking Strength Systems for their strength and conditioning program and it’s ability to maintain my fitness levels since Dragon Boat Nationals in Victoria. The creative use of unconventional training methods in a balanced program made my experience not only consist of huge personal records while maintaining flexibility, but also strengthened my weaknesses, improved my technique and increased my training capacity.

Aaron Choi, University of Waterloo Dragon Boat Club

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