Develop the Athletic Performance and Strength You Need to Dominate the 2015 Season

Online Coaching with Viking Strength Systems delivers professional workouts, nutrition, accountability and support to make 2015 your strongest season yet

"Viking Strength Systems has given us a competitive edge by making our paddlers into better athletes.

We had guys and girls come in with various athletic backgrounds and after training with VSS, their athleticism and strength rivals any other sport out there."

- Ricky Tjandra, Waterloo Paddling Club

Dear friend,

We want you to take a second and reflect on your 2014 paddling season.

How well did you perform - were you as strong, fast and powerful as you wanted to be?

Did you get hurt, and have shoulders or low back aches prevented you from paddling and doing the sport you love?

Now that the season is over, are you wondering what to do to make 2015 your best season yet?

If any of these sound like you, we have very good news.

Hi, we’re Benjamin Pickard and Kory Allen and we run Viking Strength Systems, a fitness and performance company dedicated to helping paddlers like you to become more athletic and better prepared to tackle the water.

We are Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), hold Kinesiology degrees and have over a decade of experience coaching recreational to highly competitive athletes.

In all our years of experience helping people like you become stronger, faster and injury proof so they can enter the season in peak condition, we’ve come away with one big lesson:

Off-season training can make or break an athlete’s success for the coming year.


And we aren’t the only ones who have noticed. According to an interview on SportMedBC, Dr. McKenzie says:

 “Strength training is the most important preventive measure against dragon boat injuries. Resistance training in the gym tends to be one of the fundamental things that people overlook.”


The top 3 things we see holding people back from success in the off-season are:

  1. Lack of direction and not sure what to do in the gym
  2. Not getting good enough results to make them happy and make a difference in the boat
  3. No motivation or accountability when they are training on their own (maybe the team is too far away)

The reality is training shouldn’t be that complicated. And it isn’t. You just need the proper plan, coaching and accountability.

Viking Strength Systems have definitely given me more than programming and coaching. They have changed my attitude and made me more committed. Whenever you work with someone their passion transfers over to you, and their love of training became mine. That’s what makes VSS great coaches.

Vlad K.

You CAN be more athletic for the 2015 season. You CAN be faster, stronger and more endurable on the water.

A proper strength and conditioning plan can…

  1. Increase strength in the upper back, core and legs for maximum paddling power
  2. Increase cardiovascular endurance
  3. Improve flexibility and mobility so you can get into the proper paddling position without feeling strained
  4. Reduce common injuries, primarily at the shoulders and low back
  5. Lose body fat and improve strength to weight ratio for better power production

Finding the proper plan is the hard part.

While you could do all the strength and conditioning research on your own, why not leave it in the hands of professionals who have been there done that and GUARANTEE you results as long as you put the effort in?

We have created a 16 week program that starts January 5th specifically designed to help you become a stronger, faster, more injury-resilient paddler for the 2015 season. Essentially, we will help you become one of the best - if not the best - paddler on your team.

This isn’t just a workout program - this is a complete plan for success.

Our Online Group Coaching Program Includes:

Periodized Programming

16 weeks of professionally designed strength and conditioning designed to optimally prepare you for the 2015 season. You get an easy to follow training program that covers the warm-up, stretching, weight training and conditioning, all in in the appropriate amounts and linked to our video database of exercise tutorials.


Simple nutrition so you get permanent changes - build muscle, get stronger and become more athletic. Our nutrition is based on education and actionable steps you can take to improve the quality of food you’re putting into your body.


You need accountability to succeed, so the entire group is part of an online community with support and motivation from the VSS coaches. You are tracked with weekly Athlete Updates to ensure you are seeing the results and enjoying their journey to them.

Unlimited Support

As with any relationship, communication is key for success so you receive unlimited support. You can contact their VSS coaches at any time via the secret Facebook group - you never have to wait until an Athlete Update - and you always get priority response. You are encouraged to ask questions and to get to know your coaches, because we believe that the more you know about your plan and the stronger the relationship between us, the greater your success will be.

Bonus: Our FREE Warm-up guide

Packed with tons of flexibility and mobility drills to help you maximize your dryland training and become injury-proof. This guide breaks it into simple steps so your warm-up is customized for you.

Program Starts Monday, January 5th 2015 and runs until Sunday May 3rd, 2015 

Viking Strength Systems is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to my fitness and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them to someone who has goals they need help achieving.

Mariam A.

We are strength and conditioning coaches first, not salesmen, but we wouldn't be offering a program we didn't FULLY believe in and FULLY stand behind.

The off-season is almost half over, but you can still benefit from training before you hit the water again soon. We are extremely proud of our coaching service, and we know we can help you reach you goals for the 2015 season.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at [email protected]

To your success,

Kory and Ben

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What equipment do I need?

You will need kettlebells or dumbbells, a barbell, squat rack and a few other items. A fitness facility is highly recommended.

Q: What does online training mean?

Online training means everything we do - program, coaching, nutrition, athlete updates etc. - is delivered through the internet. This means you get our highest quality service for a fraction of the price and from wherever you’re located in the world.

Q: I want to train for free! How many referrals can I do?

You can refer up to 5 people to cover the cost of your program.

Q: When do we get our referral money back?

Once your friends have signed up, you’ll get refunded the referral amount(s) on the first day of the program!

ONLY $249.99 +hst

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