One-on-One Coaching

You are an individual and you have demands, needs and goals that are unique to you. You like certain foods, prefer to workout on specific days, and have commitments with dragon boat, work, family, friends and more.

Adding fitness and performance to your life might not be easy to do, and you don’t need the added stress of experimenting with things that might not work. That is all the more reason to have a plan that takes you as an individual into account to get you the best possible results in the least amount of time.

The Viking Strength Systems One-on-One Coaching Program is a complete, client-centric plan. It includes the four components of success - training, nutrition, lifestyle and accountability - plus unlimited support and individual athlete updates, with everything created specifically for you to balance your needs with your life to help you reach your goals.

We help our clients, who range from recreational to highly competitive athletes, lose fat, get stronger, overcome injuries and perform at their very best.

Working with VSS is great. I used to struggle with nutrition, feeling stuck & overwhelmed, but my coach taught me how to make better choices that were easy to fit into my schedule. I have lost fat, feel great & eating well is easier than ever. I can’t recommend VSS enough – if you want results work with them.

Jane Bevan-Stewart, Police Communicator

How Does One-on-One Coaching Work?

When you sign up, you start with the comprehensive initial assessment to make sure everything your coach creates is customized for you. This establishes goals, takes baseline measures, includes a food log, injury and health history, covers your training experience and more. Essentially, we get to know you so that we can serve you best.

From there your coach designs your plan, which you receive by email, that covers all four components you need to see the results you desire.

The Four Components:

You get an easy to follow training program that covers the warm-up, flexibility, strength training and conditioning, all in in the appropriate amounts and linked to our video database of exercise tutorials.

You get performance nutrition designed with your health in mind that is tailored to your goals and needs with the flexibility to fit your food preferences.

You need a sustainable lifestyle that is aligned with your goal, so we teach you how to balance training, practicing and competing with, work, family and friends so you can get the results you want while still having a life.

You need accountability to succeed, so Individual Athlete Updates and unlimited email support provide you with personal attention, keep you accountable and ensure results and enjoyment while on your journey to better performance and a better life.

Individual Athlete Updates: Every two weeks you complete an Individual Athlete Update which covers training, nutrition, sleep, stress, challenges, successes, measurements, and more. This is a progress check of your plan so your coach knows how you are doing, how to help you, and what changes to make to your plan for continued success.

It is also a chance for you to reflect on the challenges and successes you had in the past two weeks which helps keep you accountable. Because your coach is up to date on your progress and always keeps your best interests in mind, you can have confidence knowing your coach is guiding you to your goals.

Unlimited Support: As with any relationship, communication is key for success, and we believe that the more you know about your plan and the stronger the relationship between you and your coach is, the greater your success will be. With VSS Coaching you receive unlimited support via email to make sure you have your needs met, motivation is high, and you are enjoying your journey. You can contact your coach at any time - you never have to wait until an Athlete Update - and you always get priority response.

Viking Strength Systems has completely transformed me into a different person. Every time I go to the gym I look forward to pushing myself just that little bit further as I get closer to my goals. I recommend with my full confidence that you seek out Viking Strength Systems as your coaches. They'll make you feel better (both mentally and physically), look better, and lift better.

Steven Casagrande, Waterloo

Why Online Coaching?

There are numerous benefits to online coaching, and most people don’t fully understand why online coaching is the solution they have been looking for.

Lower Cost and Better Value: +

Personal training is expensive, and it rarely includes nutrition, lifestyle or accountability measures. Ranging from $50 to over $100 per session, personal training costs $600 to $1200 for only 4 weeks of training at 3 times per week and could easily be more for a more qualified trainer or more frequent sessions.

Online Coaching with VSS costs a fraction of what traditional training does, includes the added value of nutrition, lifestyle and accountability on top of workouts, and you only ever pay one price even if you want to train more times per week.

Improved Accountability: +

One of the biggest concerns people have with online coaching is that nobody is there to keep them accountable, but the reality is online coaching has improved accountability over traditional training. With traditional training you are accountable only during the session, and between workouts and on weekends (unless that’s when you workout) you are on your own. Plus there isn’t any nutrition or lifestyle accountability, and if you miss a session you will go even longer without the support of your trainer.

VSS One-on-One Coaching keeps you accountable 24/7 thanks to Individual Athlete Updates, unlimited support and the four components of the program. First, your Athlete Update is the main way you and your coach evaluate your progress and modify your plan, keeping you focused. Second, unlimited support means that you and your coach are always in touch. They will know of any upcoming obstacles to provide solutions and keep you motivated, even on weekends and at social events. Lastly, because you are signing up for a complete plan, not just an exercise program, you will have all aspects of your life covered to keep you accountable, even when you are outside of the gym.

Hire Quality, not Convenience: +

There are many local gyms, but not all of them have the coach with the qualifications, experience or education you need to reach your goal. You don’t know who you will be set up with, and they simply might not be a good fit for you.

Online coaching allows the best coach to be accessible to you because location is no longer an obstacle. Thanks to our comprehensive initial assessment, VSS doesn’t take on any clients that wouldn’t be a good fit for our services or that we can’t help succeed, and we make sure you are comfortable with your coach before you begin.

Ease of Scheduling: +

A good personal trainer has a busy schedule, and it’s likely that when you are able to train, other people are too – other people who are already in the trainer’s schedule. This means you are stuck training at a time that doesn’t work well for you, with a trainer you don’t like, or not at all.

VSS One-on-One Coaching builds your plan around your schedule, and you set your own schedule. You pick what’s best for you and you never have to worry about cancellations, rescheduling or vacations. If your schedule changes or something comes up, you tell your coach and they change it for you.


How do I learn the exercises? +

Sometimes people think that because they don’t have a coach right there with them they won’t be able to do the exercises properly, but it is quite the contrary. Everything in your program is linked to our video database that shows you how to do the exercise with proper form. If you have trouble with a particular exercise your coach will make sure you get the right solution, and in some cases you may be asked to send a video of the movement for coach analysis. Furthermore, programs are periodized to make sure the movements you are doing are appropriate for your ability level, whether it is beginner or advanced. This helps to build self-efficacy instead of relying on a personal trainer to always fix things for you You learn to do things properly so you know what the right form feels like.

Between practice, work, and life, I have a really busy schedule. Will I be able to fit training in? +

Absolutely. We build your program to fit your schedule, regardless of how busy you are. Your coach is always in contact so it is easy to make adjustments, and they will teach you to balance sport, work, life and your goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Will this interfere with my practice and other training commitments? +

This is a common concern and the answer is absolutely not. In the initial assessment you provide us with your schedule and other training commitments, and we build your plan to complement with what you are currently doing for optimal results.

I am a beginner. Will this work for me? +

Of course. Everything is customized for your needs and your goals, so if you are brand new to exercise and are ready to live a healthier, happier life, VSS will help you achieve it.

I already have a training/nutrition program. Can I sign up for just training or nutrition? +

Of course. In the initial assessment you will give us a copy of your training/nutrition plan so that we know what you are doing and the piece(s) we provide integrate smoothly with it. If you ever want help with what you are currently doing, your coach will happily advise you.

Do you design performance testing? +

Yes, we are experienced designing and implementing performance testing. Please contact us for more details.

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