Pissed or Pumped: The 24 Hour Rule On How To Keep Improving Even When You Feel Stuck

Recently we had the pleasure of attending the Elite FTS Learn To Train 8 Seminar hosted by Dave Tate and his team. It was an awesome experience and we learned a LOT from the seminars, with topics ranging from performance nutrition, coaching, and empowering your athletes and clients to excel.

If you missed it, our last post covered the full experience.

The seminars are only part of the experience, and going to events like these means we get to meet other like-minded people in the industry, many of whom have years or even decades of experience helping people accomplish their goals.

One of the coaches I was talking to was David Allen, Elite FTS Team Member and owner of NBS Fitness in Tennessee. He uses a rule with his athletes for training and powerlifting competitions that ensures they always move forward and never get caught up in the past:

“My rule is you have until your next set to be pissed or pumped about your previous set. You have 24 hours to be pissed or pumped about your meet performance.”


Our training group with our bench press coaches, David Allen and David Kirschen

I think this is a great rule and I’ve already started introducing it with my clients, but the principle – to keep moving forward – applies to much more than powerlifting.

It’s easy to let a bad training session ruin your day, and sometimes it can ruin the next training session too. That’s wasted time and wasted energy brooding over what could have been.

You might also have a great session and get caught in the ‘high’ of how fantastic it was and forget to focus on making the next one equally outstanding.

The reality is we all have bad sessions and we all have good sessions. Just like we all have days where we are 100% with nutrition and others where you can’t resist that box of Froot Loops calling your name.

You can’t let a great day or a terrible day get to your head, or you get stuck in the past with what you WERE doing instead of the aiming for your next milestone.

Here are your rules to make sure that just like David’s athletes, you keep moving forward:

1. Competitions: If you’re a competitive athlete, you have 24 hours to be pissed or pumped about your last competition.

– Dominate the competition? Awesome, you should be happy – but you should also get back to training to beat your previous best at the next competition.

– Under-perform? That sucks. Take it as a learning experience and train better so you can be better.

2. Training: Maybe you don’t compete, maybe you simply train for the love of training and a better body. You have 24 hours, or until the next session (whichever comes first) to be pissed or pumped.

– Weights fly up and PRs aplenty? Make the next session amazing as well – you’re on the right path!

– Nothing feel right and the session sucked in general? Hey, it happens. Make the most of the next one and you’ll feel on top of the world.

3. Nutrition: You only have until your next meal to be pissed or pumped about the last one.

– 100% compliant? Perfect, let’s make the next one the same.

– Decided to eat the entire box of Froot Loops instead of a quality meal? Make the next one count and don’t let the day go to waste.

The past is the past, and you only have 24 hours to be pissed or pumped. Keep moving forward and make sure you don’t let the past get in the way of your progress.


Photo Sources: olympicliftingcnn

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