Team Coaching

As an athlete, you have a busy life. Not only do you have responsibilities with work, friends and family, you have your second family - your team - with whom you practice, train, compete and sometimes practically live with.

We understand that your team is your family and nobody succeeds unless you all succeed, so we strive to have everyone grow and conquer together. Part of this success is incredible skill and teamwork in your chosen sport, but victory requires the support from other aspects to uphold and improve performance.

The Viking Strength Systems Team Coaching Program ensures your team has all aspects of performance covered and with training, nutrition, lifestyle and accountability, it keeps everyone performing at their best. We work in conjunction with the sport coach(es), physical therapist, and anyone else your team has supporting them on their journey to develop a complete plan that is perfect for the team and smoothly integrates into the current schedule of training, competition and daily life.

Viking Strength Systems showed me the difference between training "hard" and training "smart", but the best part is seeing my athletes fall in love with training as they become both mentally and physically stronger. Having VSS take care of programming for 60 athletes is a huge weight off of my shoulders and allows me to focus my coaching efforts elsewhere. I recommend these guys to any coach looking to help improve the performance of their team.

Evan Trafford, Waterloo Paddling Club

How Does Team Coaching Work?

When your team signs up, everything starts with an initial meeting with the dragon boat coaches to determine the needs and obstacles of the team. Covering team weaknesses, team strengths, and goals for the upcoming season, we make sure the dragon boat coach(es) are part of the process to help guide the team’s performance.

Then each athlete completes an initial assessment. We take baseline measurements, such as height, weight, waist and shoulder circumference, then take injury and health history, cover training experience and more. The team needs to function together to win, but each individual athlete has needs unique to them.

Next, we create the team plan, designed to fit your team's goal but tailored to the needs of individual athletes, so everyone gets the attention they deserve while upholding the priorities of the team.

From there athletes receive their plan by email that covers all four components they need to succeed. 

The Four Components:

Each athlete gets an easy to follow training program that covers the warm-up, stretching, weight training and conditioning, all in in the appropriate amounts and linked to our video database of exercise tutorials. Their program is based off the team template and modified for the athlete so that everyone trains for the same team goal(s) but has their individual needs met.

Sports nutrition is vital for performance and health, so we help your team eat quality food that fits with their lifestyle. We also educate them on supplementation - what works, what doesn’t and what is allowed in your sport.

The proper lifestyle can be the difference between a long and prosperous athletic career and burning out early. We teach your team how to balance sleep, stress, other commitments and everyday life to succeed as an athlete yet still enjoy life.

Your team needs accountability to succeed, so the entire team is part of an online community with support and motivation from the VSS coaches. They are tracked with Athlete Updates to ensure they are seeing the results they want and enjoying their journey to them.

Athlete Updates: Every two weeks each athlete completes an Athlete Update. This covers body metrics, compliance, training, preparedness, nutrition, sleep, stress, and more so your VSS coaches know how each athlete is doing and how to help them improve. Your VSS coaches always have the best interests of the team in mind, so you can have confidence knowing that athletes will see the results they want while upholding the goals of the team.

Unlimited Support: As with any relationship, communication is key for success so you receive unlimited support for your team in an online community. This ensures athletes have their needs met, motivation is high, and they are enjoying your journey. Athletes can contact their VSS coaches at any time - they never have to wait until an Athlete Update - and they always get priority response. All athletes are encouraged to ask questions and to get to know their VSS coaches, because we believe that the more they know about their plan and the stronger the relationship between them and their coaches is, the greater their success will be.

Viking Strength Systems has given us a competitive edge by making our team into better athletes. We had guys and girls come in with various athletic backgrounds and after 1 year of solid training with VSS, their athleticism and strength rivals any other varsity sport out there.

Ricky Tjandra, Waterloo Paddling Club

Why Online Coaching?

There are numerous benefits to online coaching, and most people don’t fully understand why online coaching is the solution they have been looking for.

Lower Cost and Better Value: +

Athletes already have a lot of expenses. One-on-one training at $50-$100/session ($600-$1200/4 weeks for 3x/week) is out of the question, and team training isn’t much more affordable. Plus, neither option includes nutrition, lifestyle or accountability for your team.

Viking Strength Systems Team Coaching costs a fraction of what traditional training does, includes the added value of nutrition, lifestyle and accountability on top of training for your team, and provides athletes with modifications to their programs and individual attention for their needs.

The Right Program for Your Team: +

Your team has a collective goal and training helps accomplish it. Sometimes the only option to have athletes train is to give out last year’s program, pull something off the internet, or to let athletes do their own training. Your team deserves the right program for the goal with modifications for the individuals, not whatever is available.

Thanks to working closely with the sport coaching staff and individual athlete initial assessments, Viking Strength Systems Team Coaching makes sure your team is doing the right program for the goal. All the athletes have the modifications they need to be successful and with Athlete Updates and unlimited support, your team is working together towards victory.

Ease of Scheduling: +

Planning training sessions around the schedule of each athlete on the team, practices, team meetings, facility hours and coaching availability plus finding a location everyone can attend is almost impossible.

VSS Team Coaching builds your team’s plan around your team’s schedule, but since all the coaching is done online, athletes can train on their own time at whatever gym is most convenient for them. This means they can train multiple times per week and get better results, while relieving the sport coach(es) of trying to organize sessions. If sport coaches have questions about athlete progress or want an update, the VSS coaches can easily provide everything they need. If there is ever a time that the team can train together, that’s a great bonus and we encourage it, but it’s no longer a requirement.

Improved Accountability: +

Keeping track of an entire team is a lot of work. On top of handling all their other responsibilities, sport coaches might not be able to adequately support the whole team in their training, so some athletes aren’t training to their full potential. This creates weak links in the team and inconsistencies between athletes, with the bottom line being every loses because they weren’t accountable.

Viking Strength Systems Team Coaching keeps the entire team accountable 24/7 thanks to Athlete Updates, unlimited support and the four components of the program. First, Athlete Updates are the main way your VSS coaches evaluate each athlete’s progress and modify their plan, keeping them focused. Second, unlimited support in an online community means your VSS coaches are always in touch to provide solutions to obstacles and keep everyone motivated, but athletes are also accountable to each other, helping the team to move forward together. Lastly, because your team is signing up for a complete plan, not just an exercise program, they will have all aspects of their lives covered to keep them accountable, even when they are outside of the gym.

Hire Quality, not Convenience: +

A good training facility with exceptional coaching staff is hard to come by, and even if you do find a local training facility that your entire team can make it to, it might not have coaches with the qualifications, experience or education your team needs.

Online coaching allows the best coach to be accessible to your team because location is no longer an obstacle. Thanks to our comprehensive initial assessment and working closely with the sport coaching staff, VSS doesn’t work with any teams that wouldn’t be a good fit for our services and we make sure your team is comfortable with us before we begin.


How do athletes learn the exercises? +

Sometimes people think that because they don’t have a coach right there with them they won’t be able to do the exercises properly, but it is quite the contrary. Everything in the program is linked to our video database that shows athletes how to do the exercise with proper form. If they have trouble with a particular exercise their VSS coaches will make sure they get the right solution, and in some cases you they be asked to send a video of the movement for analysis. Furthermore, programs are periodized to make sure the movements they are doing are appropriate for their ability level. This helps to build self-efficacy, as instead of relying on a trainer to always fix things for them, athletes learn to do things properly so they know what the right form feels like.

My team has a busy schedule. Will the athletes be able to fit training in? +

Absolutely. We build the athletes’ programs to fit their schedule, regardless of how busy they are. Their VSS coaches are always in contact so it is easy to make adjustments, and if they travel frequently they get a flexible program so that they can get their sessions in while away. They will learn to balance work, life and their goals so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Will this interfere with practice and other training commitments? +

This is a common concern and the answer is absolutely not. We work closely and in conjunction with the sport coach(es) to make sure the plan we create fits perfectly with the rest of the team’s training and other commitments for best results.

I want to train with my team. Can we do this? +

Yes, if possible we encourage the team to train together, but with Team Coaching it isn’t a requirement. Now everyone can train on their own, so it works with better their schedule, but if they are able to train together or in groups it’s an additional bonus.

My team is mostly beginners. Will this work for them? +

Of course. Everything is customized for the team needs and your goals, so if they are new to training and want to get a competitive edge, VSS Team Coaching will help achieve this.

My team already has a training/nutrition program. Can we sign up for just training or nutrition? +

Of course. In the initial assessment you will give us a copy of the team training/nutrition plan so that we know what they are doing and the piece(s) we provide integrate smoothly with it. If your team ever wants help with what you they currently doing, your VSS coaches will happily advise.

Do you design performance testing? +

Yes, we are experienced designing and implementing performance testing. Please contact us for more details.

I want an in-person assessment done for my team. Does VSS do this? +

Yes, but this is dependent on location. Please contact us for more details.

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