Top Exercise of the Week: Snatch Grip Rack Pull

In the Snatch Grip Rack Pull, the wider snatch grip puts more emphasis on the upper back compared to conventional deadlifts and also increases full body range of motion. The increased range of motion throughout the body promotes greater muscle growth and more neural adaptations resulting in greater strength. We suggest starting the pull from the rack as ONLY those with gifted mobility will be able to pull safety from the floor. For those who DO want to pull from the floor, it is imperative that you are able to keep a neutral spine (flat back) position in the bottom or you are compromising your spinal health.

What you need:

– barbell

– rack with safeties/boxes/extra plates (essentially something to raise the weight up if needed)

How to perform:

How to implement:

The Snatch Grip Rack Pull can be used as an accessory lift or as a main lift to replace the deadlift. It can also be used to spice up your routine and add some variety. This exercise works well with lower reps as technical breakdown in higher rep ranges can occur much faster due to the larger range of motion. We use this variation with a rep range between 1-5 reps and use anywhere from 2-8 sets.


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