The Ultimate Warm-Up Guide

Here at Viking Strength Systems we are excited. Extremely excited.

Over the past couple months we’ve been rebuilding our website, expanding our company and compiling the best resources from around the globe to develop a FREE product that is jam-packed with quality content. We wanted to make something that would benefit the masses and that we would be proud of.

VSS exists to educate and empower people by improving their lives through fitness and athletic performance and we’ve created the Ultimate Warm-Up Guide as the first step in doing so.

We can’t wait for you to read it. Click the picture below and download your copy now.

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Why the warm-up?

Warm-ups are often neglected, skipped or done in a haphazard fashion. They don’t have the glory personal records do, and people sometimes just want to get down to training. Does that mean they are less important? Absolutely not.

A great warm-up is designed to help you get the most of your training, minimize risk of injury and make YOU feel better about your physical health.

So without further adieu, we are thrilled to present the Ultimate Warm-up Guide, a tool for you to maximize results, minimize injury and feel amazing.

Includes 5 parts:

1. Breathing – find out why breathing is critical for both health and fitness
2. Self Myofascial Release – learn about the different tools used to improve your muscle tissue quality to reduce pain and improve movement quality
3. Static Stretching – learn what exercises and why they are important
4. Movement Improvement – dynamic warm-up exercises designed to maximize your results, minimize your risk of injury and help you feel amazing
5. Nervous System Preparation – find out how to get more from your muscles by stimulating nervous system for optimal performance


-Exercises hyperlinked to videos
-Pictures and descriptions for easy execution
-Quick Reference Guide print out at the end for easy reference and travel ability
-Recommended sets and reps
-Multiple options to account for the millions of different body types in the world

This book is for:

-Those who participate in athletic endeavors
-Those who sit more often than they should
-Those who feel stiff and want their mobility and flexibility back
-Those looking to optimize their time in the gym, on the water, field, court or ice
-Those who want variety added to their already awesome warm-up
-Those looking to perform at their best and feel amazing

The Ultimate Warm-up Guide is the first step towards helping people take care of their bodies, become Vikings and be leaders of their own lives. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a dime. You can download it here for free.

If we’ve provided you with one exercise which helps improve your performance, minimize your aches and pains and made you feel amazing, we have done our job. If you have comments we’d love to hear them, so post below with your feedback.

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